Christmas Party Tickets

LAKESHORE HORSE RACING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY EVERYONE WELCOME!! TICKETS ON SALE NOW Available at: Trainer’s Choice Western Fair – See Andrea or B.J. Leon / Windsor Essex Area Ellie Mayhew – 519-566-6547 or Kathryn Leon -519-982-2989 * Please note all children under 12 must be registered by Dec.3, 2014*

Lakeshore Horse Racing Assoc. Annual Christmas Party

2014 Lakeshore Horse Racing Association Annual Christmas Party


Our Final Race Day Of the Season!! Sunday October 26th, 2014

Sunday Oct 26th, 2014 At Leamington Raceway!!

Leamington’s 2014 Meet Concludes


The final card feature of the 2014 season at Leamington Raceway was named in honour of a former war veteran, blacksmith, and horseman, Frank Reid. Reid was a race official at Windsor Raceway and Rideau Carleton, and a veteran of the Korean war. He represented what Canada is all about when freedom is threatened around […]

In the winner’s circle: How I survived my first harness race By Windsor Star Kelly Steele

In the winner’s circle: How I survived my first harness race

In the winner’s circle: How I survived my first harness race I’ve always believed it’s important to get out and experience things, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Last weekend as I headed out to Leamington Raceway, I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. My assignment seemed simple enough — […]

Dream Makers Costume Rentals (Joining Us Oct,19th 2014)

Dream Makers Costume Rentals

Dream Makers Costume Rentals will bring to you quality entertainment experiences by either renting you the costume of current and popular characters or by the “dream team” doing a meet & greet of the character(s) at any and all parties and events. Dream Makers is passionate about being able to create magical memories that a […]

Meet Our Parade Marshal

Taylor Fritz

Meet the Parade Marshal for Leamington Raceway. Introducing Taylor and Sonny!

Leamington Raceway Harness Racing Schedule 2014


Race Dates Sunday September 7 ,14,21,28, – October 5,12,19,26 & Saturday September 13,20,27 – October 4 ,11. 13 race days Post Times 1:30 p.m. for all above dates Qualifiers Sunday September 7 ,14,21,28 &  Sunday October 5,12,19,26 at 4:45 p.m.  

Leamington Applies For Amendment

The Director of the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) is circulating an application for an amendment to the 2014 approved race date schedule at Leamington Raceway and will receive comments on the application from interested participants before making a final decision on the application. The Lakeshore Horse Racing Association (Lakeshore) has requested approval for an extended […]

Discussions on a regional circuit in South-Western Ontario involving Dresden Raceway, Hiawatha Horse Park and Leamington

    “This is a unique in-the-world agreement between eight tracks to share resources, coordinate schedules, to provide a consistent level of racing and purses year-round to the benefit of both the horsepersons of Ontario and also for the horseplayers, so that we’ll be able to put a signal out around the world that’s consistent […]